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05 February 2013 @ 10:00 pm
Fanfiction: That Scar can be Healed (2)  
Title: That Scar can be Healed


Warning: Angst, Rape. (Dx)

Summary: Shige's liked Ryo for as long as he remembers, but when something awful happens one night, his whole view of Ryo changes.

AN: excuse my horrible summary.. xD But this is my first ever fanfiction, so please tell me if there are any mistakes. Comments are love. \(^0^)/

Shige comes back to his apartment building with a sever head ache from the photo shoot he just had with a screaming and crying four-year-old little girl. He climbs the stairs, unlocks his apartment door and enters. Feeling completely exhausted, he slacks on the couch harshly. Shige fiddles in his pocket, looking for his phone, when he finds it, and pulls it out. He remembers Ryo just by the sight of it. Ryo's voice fills in Shige's brain at what Ryo had told him two weeks ago. 'If you don't mind, I put my number in there. Call me whenever.' The Osakan's voice kept echoing in his head and memories of the evening they shared together two weeks ago flashed in Shige's head. They repeated like they were on rewind. How Ryo opened up to him. How his soft lips felt upon his cheek, immediately making it warm. Thinking back to it, Shige blushes madly and shakes his head. Without thinking, he goes through his contact list and finds the name 'Nishikido' and clicks on the dial button. Shige flushes at his own actions.

“I'll hang up on the fourth ring.” Shige raises his shaking hand up to his ear. His stomach was doing strange flops. Shige waited. The phone rang once. Twice. Three times. No answer. And just when Shige was about to hang up on the fourth ring, he hears a click over the phone.

“Hello?” Ryo answers

“Nishikido-san? Hi.” Shige says awkwardly

“Who's this?” Ryo asked

“It's me, Kato."

“.. Kato-kun?! Really?! I didn't recognize your voice at all!” Ryo says casually. “What's up?"

“I was just going to invite you out. To have a drink with me. But If you have other plans, I completely understand!”

“I'll go.”


“Yeah, totally.”

“Okay, just..”

“I won't do anything.”


They meet up at an old bar near the train station. They sit at a table with tall stools and order two cold beers and wait for their beverages to arrive as they sit down. Shige fidgets in his seat, feeling a strange pit in his stomach. He stares at Ryo's moving lips. Ryo unconsciously bites his lower lips. Shige can almost feel the sensation on his tingling cheek, feeling and wanting more of his kisses.  He can hear a faint voice calling his name over and over until he realizes that it's Ryo. He automatically shakes his head and snaps out of it.

“Kato-kun?!” Ryo yells.

“Ah. Sorry. I was just.. thinking of something.” Shige says, exiting his imagination.

“Really?” Ryo eyes him suspiciously

“So what was it you said?”

“I asked, why did you invite me all of a sudden?”

“Oh, I was worn-out from work and needed to relax a bit."

“Ahh.. ~” Ryo nodded disappointed

They started talking about work and how Shige became a photographer. Not wanting to be a lawyer because he only thought it sounded cool. Their drinks arrive, and Ryo started talking about his life. Shige wrapped his hand around the cold glass and the ice crinkled. He shot his head back and took a big gulp. He focused on Ryo's life story, how he didn't go to college and decided to to take over his dad's job as a business man because his father's health wasn't that great at the moment. Shige threw him an apologetic look. Ryo smiled warmly and shook his head slightly. He told him how he worked for his dad for seven years and earned quite a good amount of money for his family. Right when he had enough money, he moved into his apartment

He later on told Shige how his mother managed to get a job and told him not to worry about the family bills anymore. All of his siblings have moved out of the house and seemed like they didn't really care about their parents at all

Shige swallows the rest of his drink and orders two more. He continues on listening to Ryo who eventually said that he lost his job three weeks ago. He said the company told him they were losing money because of him. So he was fired. Shige throws him another apologetic look. Ryo sighs harshly and  massages his temples. He holds his drink up to his mouth and takes a few sips, he felt like he was going to be the ride for tonight. Then again, he doesn't want THAT to happen again. Shige's beers come

“So is that why you wanted a photo shoot about the whole modeling thing?”

“Yeah. I've been looking for jobs all over, but I can't seem to find any.” Ryo exhales

Shige finishes his second drink and starts on his third. He could feel his body get wobbly as he tried keeping his concentration on Ryo's talking voice. Shige stirs and gulps down the rest of his drink.  He can feel his head become light. He still wasn't completely drunk so he orders a fourth beer

“Finish your story before I get really drunk and remember nothing in the morning.” Shige motioned his right hand forward allowing Ryo to carry on.

“Well when I got fired, I asked the owner of the apartment building if I can pay the apartment fees later. He said if I don't pay them right away, he'll kick me out."

“You can move in with me.” Shige says bluntly. Startled by his own words, his eyes grew wide, and he forced his gasp to stay in his throat

“Really?” Ryo's eyes grew wide also. “You'd do that for me..?"

“Yeah, I mean.. It'd be cool to move in with an old friend, don't you think?” Shige lied. The joy in Ryo's face was no where near hidden. He smiled at Shige with his usual wrinkled grin. “Thank you. I promise, I won't do anything that wont please you.”

“Just before you know, I'm probably going to be gone some days, due to photo shoots and such. And before you expect too much, my apartment barely changed."
“Alright.” Ryo mumbled

“You can try and find a job when I'm gone, or whatever. Alright? I don't really care.”

“M'kay.” Ryo agreed.

“Oh, and one more thing.” Shige says.


“I don't want Keii-chan to find out about this. You must know why. When he's coming over, I want yo to leave and go somewhere. I don't care. Just go.”

Ryo sees the situation and doesn't have a choice but to accept. He nodded.

“Okay, I don't think there's anything else.” Shige said

His fourth drink arrives


Shige and Ryo are opening up box after box after box, putting away Ryo's belongings and organizing Ryo's new room. He was glad his apartment offered two bedrooms even though he only had one bathroom and a really small  kitchen

“Are you sure about this?” Ryo finally asks

“Yeah,” Shige looks at Ryo from where he was putting his clothes away. “Think of it like we're.. Roommates.” Shige smiled at Ryo although he had regret in his heart even though he knew he was helping his childhood friend out

“I tried to bring half of my things and gave away the rest to my family. By the way, thanks for helping me out.”

“It's nothing, really.”

“Where do I put these?” Ryo asked taking out his CDs and DVDs. He sits next to Shige who flinches. Ryo looks up at the younger man with sad eyes and scoots away

“Sorry.” Shige apologized

“No, it's fine. I know you're not ready yet.” Ryo starts sliding his index finger on the base of one of the DVD cases. Shige looks down at Ryo's hands with sympathy and gulit

“Why don't you put those there?” Shige point to the shelves standing next to the bed Ryo set in the corner of the bedroom. The older man slides his body away from the closet. He stands up and almost stubs his toe on the counter


They end up finishing and putting away Ryo's stuff later in the evening. Shige slumps on the couch, tired. Ryo sits on the other end of the couch.

“Wanna watch a movie?” Ryo implies


Ryo picks one of Shige's DVDs and pops it in the DVD Player, ready to play it. Ryo takes his seat, and they end up watching two long films, and before they realize, they were both drifting off to slumber. Both, wanting to finish the second movie, stood there. It was 12:30 late at night. The film finally ended and Ryo sat up to go to bed. He yawned and stretched his his arms when his eyes became watery.

“I'm going to bed, good night Kato-kun.” Ryo looks down at Shige and finds that he was already sound asleep. Ryo takes a few moments before he bends down, stroking slowly away Shige's bangs that were shielding his closed eyes and thick lashes. He caresses Shige's cheekbone down to his jaw. Ryo thought if only Shige looked at him with a peaceful expession. He whispered into Shige's ear a quick 'I love you.' that was barely audible. Ryo looked at Shige's sleeping figure on the couch and snorted. He knew that if he slept like that all night, he'd be aching all over in the morning. Shige's head was resting on the armrest and his knees were up to his chest, his arms thrown on both sides. Ryo tried suppressing the laughter coming up his throat at the sight of Shige's unusual sleeping figure. Ryo thinks about waking him up, but decides not to disturb his sleep. He didn't want to leave him there either. The older man finally makes up his mind by carrying Shige to bed  and hopes he doesn't wake up from his dreamless slumber

Ryo pushes one of his arms under Shige's back and one under his knees. He pulls Shige up to his chest  so Shige's head lies on his shoulder. His breath crawled up Ryo's neck causing him to shiver. He tightened his grip onto Shige and notices that the younger was quite heavier than he looks. Ryo gazes at Shige's angelic, innocent face. Bittersweet feelings swayed in his heart, but he felt like he wanted to embrace him in his arms, inhale Shige's sweet scent and never let go. He squeezed Shige to his body, and tilted his head on Shige's. He carried Shige to his room and tucked him under the bed sheets. He glanced at Shige one last time.

“Wow. You sure are a heavy sleeper.” Ryo whispered, and left the room.


The next day, Shige woke up completely refreshed by the smell of toasted bread tickling his nose. He got up, and stretched his limbs. He scratched his back and made his way to the restroom. Shige took a quick shower and brushed his teeth. He changed into casual clothes and went out of the bathroom drying his wet hair with a towel wrapped around his neck. A bright smile glows onto Shige's face when he sees the breakfast Ryo made for them. He rushes and sits across from Ryo at the table

“Good morning.” Shige hummed.

“Morning.” Ryo replied, smiling

“Did you make all this?!”

“Yeah, I thought I should pay you back for letting me stay here.”

“Thank you! I haven't had good breakfast in ages!”

“Then I guess I'll do it everyday from now on.” Ryo grimaced. Shige takes a bite out the scrambled eggs

“Umaaai~!” He almost yells. They enjoyed their breakfast with the sound of television in the background and Shige's pleasured voice every time he takes a bite of something different. When they finish, Ryo told him Shige to go watch TV. Shige offered to help but Ryo refused. He throws himself on the couch and listens to the crinkling of the dishes. He turns off the TV, not in the mood of watching any.  Ryo comes out of the kitchen drying his hands with a towel and sits on the other end of the couch, respecting Shige as much as he can. He notices Shige inching closer to him. Ryo sits still and tries to ignore it. Right when Shige is right next to Ryo, he clears his throat

“Nishikido-san, I need to talk to you.”

“Sure, what is it?” Ryo turned, surprised by how close Shige was. He felt like hugging him again.

“First, since we're going to live together, it'd be weird calling each other so formally, don't you think?”

Ryo nodded

“So, can I call you Ryo? You can call me Shige?” Shige asked rather politely. Ryo was a bit taken back. He expected, 'Nishikido-kun.'

“Of course! Can you try saying it?”

“Ry..o” Shige grinned, liking the way how Ryo's name easily sounds on his mouth. Ryo blushed at the sound of his name rolling off Shige's tongue. “Also, I'm going to be straightforward about this. You carried me to bed last night, didn't you?"

Ryo's eyes widened. “How'd you k-know?”

“Well for one thing, I slept on the couch last night and woke up in bed the next day.” Shige laughed.  He shifted even closer to Ryo, their thighs touched. Ryo couldn't scoot away anymore, being on the end

“Kato.. I mean, Shige. Okay. Yes, I'm sorry, I know you were scared, but I didn't want you to be sore in the morning, so I apologize. But.. Can you please stop making it so hard for me to touch you?!” Ryo endured  Shige's shower scent that smelled so fresh, he swallowed

“Ryo.” Ryo shivered at the stiffness of Shige's voice. “I had a dream last night. In my dream, I was asleep and curled up on the couch, when you caressed my cheek.” Shige spoke softly. Ryo looked at Shige dumbfounded. “You whispered into my ear, 'I love you' and carried me to bed.” Shige turned to Ryo with no expression whats so ever, making it hard on Ryo to analyze Shige's feelings

“You were awake..? You.. How.. Why..?” Ryo stood up and cupped his forehead with the heels of his hands. “Why didn't you say anything?! Why the hell did you pretend you were asleep?!!"

“Ryo..” Shige says firmly. Ryo started mumbling things incoherent to Shige's ears. “Ryo.” Shige repeated. Still getting no answer from the panicking Ryo. “Ryo!” Shige snaps

“What?!” Ryo immediately shouted back. Shige stood up also and faced the slightly shorter man

“It's not that I wasn't asleep, I was. Half asleep.” Shige admits. “But I purposely didn't wake up because, I didn't want to. Ryo, you kept your words. You said you wouldn't do anything, and you didn't. I.. I wanted to melt into your warm touch.” Shige blushed furiously. Ryo gazed at Shige with large eyes


“You know, saying this isn't as easy as you thing it is.” Shige whined

Ryo looked deep into Shige's large, dark eyes. “Shige, what are you trying to say?” He tried to hide the hopefulness in his voice.

“After feeling and knowing how gentle you've become.. I.."


“Ryo, don't you see?” Shige grabs Ryo's hand and gently rests Ryo's palm on his cheek. “I'm not scared anymore.”

“Shige..” Ryo says almost inaudible. He wraps his arms around Shige and squeezes tightly, nuzzles his face into the Shige's shoulder. And inhales his fresh scent. “I've missed you..”  Shige chuckles and whispers,

“Me too.” Shige hugs Ryo's waist, wanting to seep into Ryo's warmth. They stood there, for quite a few minutes, when Ryo takes the lead in breaking the embrace. He moves his hands on Shiges hips and stares into Shige's eyes with heavy lust. Shige has his arms, loosely wrapped around Ryo's body. He can feel his skin tingle hot from Ryo's hands through the fabric of his top. Ryo starts playing with the hem of his Shige's shirt when he raised his free hand and lazily brushes his fingers through Shige's soft locks, tracing his hand to the back of Shige's neck. He licks his lips unconsciously

“May I?” Ryo asked with a husky voice.

“There's no need to ask.” Shige smirked.

Ryo leans in brushing his lips against Shige's and softly leans closer to kiss the younger man. They hug each other tighter as their passionate kiss deepens. They fail to keep standing as they stumble, falling on the couch. Shige moans in the back of his throat when he landed first on the couch, Ryo topping him. Shige opened his mouth slightly, allowing Ryo's tongue access. Shige clenches his fists into the back of the Osakan's shirt, gripping tighter as Ryo's fingers swim into Shige's hair, neither wanting to let go of each other again. They break the kiss only to allow air fill their lungs. Ryo bends down and nibbles on Shige's earlobe, trailing kisses down Shige's jaw and neck that was stretching out, allowing Ryo more access. Ryo's lips were hot against Shige's lingering skin. The older man's started licking and sucking all over Shige's collarbone. Shige aloud every gasp and moan to escape his lips, yearning more of Ryo's intimidating kisses. Ryo pulled his face up and gazed into Shige's drowsy eyes again, he goes in for another kiss, titling his head and ready to let his eyelids fall

“Shige~! I came for a surprised visit~” Koyama says behind the front door. “I”m coming in~!” Ryo and Shige froze and stood looking at each other with wide-eyes. Shige shoves Ryo away, telling him to to go hide in his room and lock the door.  Ryo curses at Koyama for ruining the perfect mood. He goes and hides into his room  just in time when Koyama enters. Ryo locks his bedroom door. Koyama comes in with a half-smile, as he toes off his shoes. “I hope you don't you don't mind."

“Not at all.” Shige fake laughed, trying to convince Koyama. Koyama finds a seat next to Shige on the messy couch

“Your couch is so lumpy~” Koyama complained.

“I was asleep!” Shige shot back, feeling the blush bloom on his face a light shade of pink as he remembers the incident not so long ago. “Sorry.”

“When I first came, I thought I heard voices behind the door."

“That was the TV!” Shige quickly covered. Koyama eyed the turned off television that was facing them. “I just turned it off!” Koyama eyed Shige suspiciously.

“Right~! I wonder what kind of movie you were watching.. I heard screaming. Well, no more like yelping.” Koyama says smugly. Ryo smirked, couldn't help but feel proud of himself. He snickered as he stumbled back from eavesdropping on the pair. He bumped into the tall lamp, making it wobble. He failed to catch it as it fell on the floor with a crash. Koyama flinched

“Shit.” Ryo muttered

“What was that?!” Koyama says

“What was a what?” Shige said

“Shige, I'm pretty sure you just heard that crash.” Koyama rose up

“Keii-chan, I'm sure it's just the neighbors.” Shige tried persuading his best friend

“Shige, it sounded like it was coming from your other room.” Koyama disappears into the hallway of his apartment. Shige followed. He found Koyama struggling to get the locked door open

“Keii-chan, stop!” Shige blocked the door away from his reach. Inside, Ryo shifted and sat on his bed, hoping Koyama would just go away

“Shige, move.”

“There's nothing here!” Shige could feel beads of sweat escaping his forehead

“Are you hiding something from me?"


“Then move.” Koyama pushed Shige away, and with all his strength, broke off the door knob. He slammed the door open. His eyes grew so large, Shige hoped they don't pop out of his head. Koyama gasped. Ryo squealed. Shige wanted to disappear. Koyama found Ryo curled up in the corner of his bed. “You..” He sneered

-End of Part 5-

A/N: BANZAI! BANZAI! \(>o<)/ I'm finally done~! I'm sorry if there are any mistakes. I just feel too lazy to go back and fix everything. Dx Sumimasen~ Anyways, comments are love. ^o^

Koyama and Ryo glared intensely into each other's eyes. Koyama was still by the door, he was ready to punch Ryo in the gut anytime now, but the other man stood huddled in the corner of his bed.

"You bastard.. What do you think you're doing here?!" Koyama snaps.

"Keii-chan, it's not what you think.." Shige comes in the room shaking his hands from side to side.

"Face it Shige, it's exactly what he thinks." Ryo sighed. He stood up and walked up to the single-lidded man. He stared at the taller figure and sighed again. "Yes, I've been staying with Shige these past two days."

"Shige..? Since when did you guys become so close?" Koyama gasped. "And why is he staying here?!"

"Keii-chan, he's not staying. Ryo's living with me now.." Shige can hear Koyama's gasp again.

"Why?!! I want a fair explanation for this!"

"Ryo doesn't have enough money to stay in his apartment, so he'll be living in mine."

"But Shige, this has nothing to do with you! Besides, aren't you scared of him..?" Koyama turned around to face Shige.

"I wanted to help.. And," Shige stood next to Ryo and wrapped one arm around his neck. "No, not anymore." Ryo smiled. Koyama collapsed on his knees and the two followed. Koyama ruffled his hair in frustration and looked up at the pair. "Keii-chan, he's changed. Really!" Shige persuaded his best friend.

"Are you already..?" Koyama's eyes enlarged.

"Maa, maa, maa.." They both say. "I can't promise you we didn't do nothing."

"Not just physically, but emotionally also."

The stunned pair look at each other with wide eyes. Ryo took a quick glance at Koyama, then back into Shige's large eyes. His face quickly seemed to relax the more he looked into Shige's eyes, and before he knew it, a smile was growing on his face. His leans his head onto Shige's shoulder and snuggles his head into Shige's neck. He let the warmth of Shige's body seep through as he inhales and exhales his luscious scent.

"If anything were to hurt him," He starts, "And it was from me, I'll be hurting myself." Ryo gives Shige a soft kiss on his cheek. Shige's blood rises to his face and it became pure red, also a bit too hot. He flushed as he remembered his friend watching them.

"Ryo, stop not now." Shige slightly shoved Ryo away, only earning a pout and shiny large eyes from the Osakan. Shige knew if he looked any longer, he'd give in, so he turned away abruptly. "Seriously, stop it." Shige insisted. As he tried to get Ryo to keep his hands to himself, Koyama felt left out. As if he were a third wheeler. He huffed harshly, and rolled his eyes.

"I'm going home." He announced.

"Eh? already?" Shige asked.

"Yeah, bye-bye." And with that, Koyama walked out quietly and slammed the door behind him. Ryo and Shige winced.

"Well that went well." Shige sarcastically says. Ryo stood up and threw himself on his bed. Shige followed, crawling over the older man so he was directly facing him. He leaned in and let Ryo's lips meet his again in a slow kiss. He pulls back way too soon and Ryo whines. Shige fits his head perfectly on Ryo's chest. "Ne, let's go somewhere?"

"Like where?"  Ryo played with Shige's hair, smoothly running his fingers through his scalp. Shige sat up on one forearm and gazed at Ryo with bright eyes and a huge grin. Ryo could feel his heart tingle and a smile break out on his face also. "What?"

"Ice cream." Shige squeaks.


"Ice cream! I want ice cream!" Shige yells.

"What are you a little kid?" Shige just gives Ryo a half hearted glare. "Alright, alright!" Ryo agrees. "Then shall we go?" He patted Shige's head softly, Shige nodded roughly


They arrive at an outdoor icecream place. The area was nice and warm and the coolness coming from the window of the ice cream stand collides a sensation that makes them weak to their knees. The chattering of so many people surrounding them, makes them feel vibrant. The humming of the little children who lick their ice cream cones with pleasure makes them feel the true nature of summer. They both sigh in anticipation. Shige looks down at his watch. It was 2:30 pm. He let it fall. He didn't feel like doing any work today. Then he looks down at the slightly shorter man beside him. The gentle look on his face makes Shige's heart skip a beat. He smiles warmly.

"You wait here. I'll go buy the ice cream." Shige finally says.

"Eh? No it's fine. I can bu--"

"No it's fine, really." Shige cuts Ryo off. "What kind of ice cream do you like?" He asked. Ryo gave Shige a look of hesitation. Shige pouted and gave large puppy dog eyes. Ryo snorted then cackled loudly, the expression didn't affect him at all. "Hey!" Shige glared.

"Okay, okay. Chocolate." Ryo lost. Shige giggled in satisfaction.

"Wait here."

Ryo nodded. Shige went in line to order their ice cream. Ryo stood. Waiting for Shige and his ice cream to come. He stays a little when he feels someone tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around.

"Ryo-chan?" A tall man with fluffy black hair and slanted eyes grinned at Ryo deviously. "It is you!" Ryo's eyes widen in horror as he back away thoroughly. He fidgets and shivers ran up and down his spine.



Shige comes back smiling with two cones in both hands and an incoherent, husky tune humming out of his mouth.

"Ryo, sorry for taki--" Shige stops in his tracks, and a puzzled expression was painted on his face. He looks around unconsciously. "Ryo?" But Ryo wasn't there. "Ryo~!" No answer. Shige thought if he stood there, maybe he'll come back. He found a seat to sit in.

A half an hour passed. No sign of Ryo. It was already 3:02 pm and the ice cream had melted. There was also a ticked off Shige. "Where the hell is he?!" He snaps. He decides to call him, but no answer either. Shige groaned in frustration. He stood up and thought of asking someone who was there before they came. He tapped a man slightly and the man turned around. "Excuse me, sir, the man I've been with, just half an hour ago, do you happen to know where he might have gone? Or, have you seen him?"

"Oh yeah, he left with another man about a while ago." The old man said, pointing to the direction they headed in.

"Left with another man?" Shige whispered to himself. "Would you mind telling me how he looked like?" Shige asked the old man.

"Um, he was quite a tall and slim middle aged guy with dark poofy hair and small eyes." Shige ultimately thought of the conversation he had with Ryo when he was 14. The time Ryo was going out with Takeru.

"Shige! I got a boyfriend!" Ryo's teenage face beamed in Shige's thoughts "He's really tall and handsome. Although he has puffy hair and small eyes, he's quite good looking. His personality is very straightforward, but I really like him, Shige! His name is Tokuda Takeru!" Ryo's smiling image whipped away like sand from Shige's head and his eyes widened.

"Could it be..?" Shige whispered, his eyes squinted. Shige looked at the old man and bowed his head slightly in thanks. He raised his head and peered around him, but still no Ryo anywhere near the ice cream parlor. Shige parted his lips to let out a small hushed voice spelling out Ryo's name. The law graduate ran towards and unknown place, Ryo's name coming out of his mouth louder and louder each time, heard by unknown people at an unknown area. Shige runs screaming Ryo's name. He searches for the older man but gets not response. He looks all around the city, inside bars, stores, shops, restaurants, and behind buildings, but no luck. Nevertheless, Shige kept running and screeching Ryo's name. Hours passed, and he was desperate enough to start asking people around. But they gave him strange looks and shook their heads. Shige sighed heavily. His heart pounding in fear. His head dropped tiny streams of sweat, and his eyes became teary. But he held back the tears, feeling the lump form in his throat. Shige started sprinting and his pace quickened, but he didn't hold himself for too long as he stumbled on thin air, trips and falls at the cement ground with a thud.

"Ow.." Shige winces, getting up so he was in a sitting position. It was already dark, and Shige was ready to give up anytime now. "God dammit, Ryo." Shige cursed. "Where are you..?" He couldn't hold in his tears in anymore as images on Ryo cheating on him with Takeru popped up in his head, so he let the tears fall, feeling as if it was never going to end. Shige stood there for a while until it was getting darker and darker by the minute. The streets of Tokyo started to clear out. There weren't many people left, so Shige decided to call out for Ryo one last time, until he gives up completely. He clenched his fists and grits his teeth.

"Ryo!!!" It came out cracked and raspy, and just when Shige was about to give up on hope, he hears a faint voice calling out. His body jolts and his head shoots up. "Ryo..?! Ryo is that you?!" The only response he gets was the inaudible yelling. So he follows the voice. The closer he got, the clearer the voice became. But it was muffled. "Ryo!! Where are you?!" The voice yelled again, but it sounded more of a sob. Shige's heart dropped and he became frightened. He traced the voice that led him behind a building. His eyes widened as he took in the scene before him. Shige was panting and his heart was throbbing. There was Ryo. He found him. But he wasn't in good condition. Ryo's mouth was covered with duck tape and his arms and legs were tide up. A rope curled around his bare body. Shige collapsed on his knees and his tears began to find their way out again. Ryo gazed at Shige with terrified eyes. He was trembling. Shige began closing the gap between them as his shaky hands unleashed Ryo's bruised body. Ryo had blue and purple marks all over him. Shige hurriedly ripped off the tape covering Ryo's mouth and the other yelped in pain. His lips were dry and blood started forming in the small chapped cuts.

Shige took another look at Ryo. He looked smaller than he usually does. So petite.. He looked weak and helpless and the thought made Shige cry. Tears rained down his cheeks and soon enough, Ryo sniffed and small sobs formed in his throat. Shige looked at Ryo's tear streaked face and a voice in his head was telling him to embrace the small figure in front of him. So he did what his heart had told him but the other just flinched and shifted. Shige felt his heart break into pieces.

"Ryo? Ryo.. It's me Shige." Shige says comfortingly. "Ryo, baby are you okay?" He continues. Ryo takes a daring peek at Shige, and for an instant, they lock eyes. Ryo finally parted his lips to say something.

"Shige..?" Ryo squeaks. He tugs on Shige's shirt and Shige immediately gets it, waists no time and slowly wrapped his arms around the older man. Despite the summer heat, Ryo's naked body was cold and shivering. Shige felt his heart shatter and the lump was back in his throat. He tightened his grip onto Ryo. Ryo mirrored Shige's actions and sobbed into his shoulder. "Shige.." Ryo sniffled. He clenched his hands in the back of Shige's thin shirt, chanting Shige's name over and over again.

"It's okay, I'm here now.." Shige pats the back of Ryo's head reassuringly. He pulled away to gaze at Ryo's pitiable face. Shige cupped Ryo's face in his hands and caressed his cheek with his thumb. Ryo gazes back with red, swollen eyes and Shige's throat became all scratchy. He places a soft kiss on the older man's forehead and Ryo leans in the touch. They look at each other again. "Let's go home." Shige suggests and Ryo nods. He helps Ryo get into his clothes that were scattered miraculously like rags on the pavement floor. When they stood, Shige realized that Ryo was too weak to hold himself up on his own two feet. "C'mere, I'll carry you." And with that, they head to Shige's parked car.

They drive home, and Shige carried Ryo up the stairs. They enter the apartment, and Shige helps Ryo toe off his shoes. While he was still carrying the older man, he says: "You'll sleep with me tonight." And Ryo softly nods in the back of Shige's neck, silently. Shige enters his bedroom and carefully lays Ryo's body on the bed, hoping he doesn't hurt him. He changes into his pajamas and goes to retrieve Ryo's from his room. Shige finds a suitable shirt and sweatpants and helps Ryo change into them. Even if it was only 10:05 pm, they were both too tired to stay up any longer, so Shige climbs into bed next to Ryo. Ryo could feel the mattress dip as Shige scoots closer to him and covers both of them with a thin blanket. He painfully turns around to face Shige and he could feel his tears well up again. He whimpers and his lower lip shakes.

Shige stairs at Ryo sadly and he raises his hand to pet his cheek lovingly. He lowered his hand down to Ryo's waist and pulled him in a tight hug. Ryo instantly cuddles his face into Shige's neck and hugs him back while he crys his eyes out. "It's okay," Shige says again, only softer. "You don't have to be scared anymore, I'm here now." Shige slides his hand up and down Ryo's back reassuringly, allowing the other to cry.

"Shige..?" Ryo wheezed.


"I'm s-sorry. I'm so so sorry. I don't ever wanna hurt you again." Ryo heaved.

"It's alright.. I forgive Ryo." Shige says quietly.

"And I never will.. J-just please." Ryo sobbed into Shige's neck. "Never leave me.."

"Don't worry.." Shige smiled. "I don't have any intention on doing that."

-End of Part 6 (Final)-

A/N: I know, the ending sucks. I had other ways on wanting to do it, but I decided to stick with my original. :D I honestly couldn't wait to finish this fic, but now that it's over, I'm kinda sad. LOL. xD I really hope you enjoyed it. ^^ Comments are love~ :*       

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