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18 May 2013 @ 05:50 pm
Fanfiction: Nightmare  
Title: Nightmare
Summary: Shige has a nightmare and Ryo tries to clam him down.
AN: Horrible summary again, I know. -.- It's short. I wrote it in class. Nevertheless, please read it! Comments are love~ ^_^

Nishikido Ryo slowly walks in his room after a late night shift in Osaka. It was already 1:30 am, and Ryo was glad he could catch the last train to Tokyo. His hand turtled it's way around the door knob. He opens the door slowly and awkwardly shifts in the room, trying not to wake up his boyfriend/ex-member, Kato Shigeaki.

“Tadaima..” Ryo whispers. Shige was sound asleep. All Ryo could hear was his even breathing. Ryo quietly starts removing his clothes wanting to hurry up and snuggle next to Shige's side. To melt in his warmth. As Ryo took off his shirt and is moving onto his jeans, he starts hearing Shige's movements on the bed, squirming. He gave light gasps. Ryo glances at Shige.

“What is he dreaming about..?” He smirks. Ryo's thoughts change at the scene of shige violently shaking on the bed. Shige clenches the bed sheets and starts shouting, “NO! STOP!” Ryo quickly drops off his jeans and joins Shige on the bed, hurriedly sitting by his side. Ryo's heart beat accelerates as he tries to calm the screaming Shige down. Worriedly, Ryo says, “What's going on.. Nightmare?” Shige continuesly kept yelling and shouting “NO! STOP IT!!” beads of sweat trailing down his temple. He grits his teeth and begins to sleep-cry. Ryo aimlessly starts shaking Shige by the shoulders to wake him up, a horrified look, burning in his wide eyes. Shige flinches and uncontrollably sobs again.

“NO! STOP PLEASE!! NO!” Shige yells, squeezing his eyes shut until, “RYO!!!” A shriek escapes his lips. The sound loud enough to wake him up. He begins breathing heavily, his eyes wide open and dampened. Ryo looks at Shige dumbfounded and wipes away the sweat that was forming in his hairline. Shige looks at Ryo awestruck and tears begin forming in his scared eyes. Ryo starts shaking, afraid to know what Shige dreamed about.

'Why did he scream out my names?” Ryo thought. Shige slowly lifts himself up and wordlessly wraps his arms around Ryo. Ryo blinks, thinking Shige had caught him off guard.

“You're okay..” Shige says. “I.. I hate how sometimes dreams can look and feel so real..” Shige sniffled. Ryo allows Shige to dampen his bare shoulder and squeezes his arms around Shige's waist tightly.

“What did you dream about?” Ryo asks softly.

“I don't wanna talk about.” Shige refused. “But it was horrible.” Ryo decides to not bother Shige anymore. He brushes a hand through his soft curls. They both fall lightly on the bed, still clinging onto each other. Shige looks at Ryo with hazy wet eyes. Ryo smiles warmly at Shige and caresses his tear strained face. Shige fidgets closer to Ryo and closes the gap between them.

“As long as I'm next to you, nothing will hurt you.” Ryo whispers, embracing shige's vulnerable body desperately afraid to ever let go.

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